• Tenant Representation

    The cost of Commercial Real Estate (CRE) is typically the second-largest financial obligation for a client’s company behind payroll.  A search engine may return millions of results, but only a trusted advisor can be the wisdom engine people truly need to help them make important sound decisions.

    The CRE market is dynamic and ever-changing.  Savvy Landlords negotiate in their best interest.  Most Tenants only negotiate their lease every 5 – 7 years placing them at a disadvantage.  Our services are at no cost to you (the Tenant), as Landlords encourage broker participation and pay all fees with your rent money.  This then becomes a choice for you – attempt to negotiate against the Landlord’s broker or have your own Tenant representative negotiating only for your best interests at no cost.

    Going without a Tenant rep will cost you real money.  Engage the award-winning Central FL market experts, with over $650M+ in local transactions, to level the playing field and have your own loyal advocate only working for your best interests.

    Quite simply, we smooth the process, know the right questions to ask, and present the options that fit your company’s culture & criteria.

    New space requirements:

    • Understanding our client’s business, growth projections, and CRE drivers.
    • Source options of a direct lease, sublease, on & off-market, that meet the client’s parameters and budget.
    • Negotiate the best economic terms, conditions, provisions, and build-out terms.
    • Evaluate lease purchase options.

    Renewal of existing space requirements:

    • Ensuring that our Tenant receives superior market rates, terms, and concessions.
    • Understanding and obtaining Improvement Allowances from the Landlord.
    • Create options to expand or contract space needs over time.

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