JJ Mandato, President, Alpha EMC Corporation

My company was in need of a location that had the parking we required, location and ability to consolidate our employees into a singular location. I’m normally not a fan of commercial real estate brokers and I openly told Lee that when we first met. I can honestly say that Lee really “gets it” from not only a real estate perspective but from a business owner’s perspective. After discussing our physical needs and budgetary concerns, Lee went to work on not only securing a class A building, but at economics that made the deal a success for both parties. Hats off to Lee for a job well done. He is truly an advisor and that makes him a valued part of our team. In fact, he not only was a trusted advisor but became a friend.

John Mantione, GM / VP, Fields Auto Group

Lee represented Fields Motorcars on our most recent property acquisition.  He saved us hundreds of thousands by sourcing the site, negotiating the terms and having the business savvy to see the angles beyond the sticks and bricks.  Lee was highly professional and we look forward to our next deal together.

Ed Hampden, President, Tallman Development Company

In my company’s property management portfolio is a problematic 32,000 SF flex building that had 8,000 SF of vacant improved space with the remainder existing as unimproved shell space. After experiencing disappointing results with another broker not long ago, I was referred to Lee Zerivitz and was quickly impressed by his market knowledge, business acumen and high energy level. Through Lee’s unflagging effort and skillful negotiation we recently executed a win-win lease/purchase with a single tenant for our entire building.
Lee Zerivitz works like a soldier, strategizes like a general and delivers victory to his commander in chief at the end of the day. He is the best broker I’ve worked with over my thirty year career in real estate development / management and I highly recommend his skills and services to others.

Tom Nixon, Owner, Pro-Tech Air Conditioning & Plumbing

Pro-Tech Air Conditioning and Plumbing Service is a 30 year old Orlando firm.    With 15,000 SF in our facility, our lease amounts add up to considerable dollars every year.  We have retained Lee Zerivitz on each of our past two lease negotiations.  He has evaluated the marketplace for vacancy, pricing and overall analysis.  We have been extremely pleased as Lee has saved us well over $100K in rental dollars.  He structured our deals in that we continue to maintain an excellent relationship with our landlord.  Lee is our commercial real estate trusted adviser and will continue to be.

D. Frank Wright, Shareholder, Wright, Fulford, Moorhead & Brown, P.A.

My partners and I desired to dispose of a 15,000 square foot downtown Orlando office building asset. We went through two brokers before being referred to Lee Zerivitz.  Lee was able to secure a buyer at a price and terms that were acceptable. It was not an easy sale and involved tight time lines and handling both buyer and seller demands. My partners and I were so pleased with his performance that we have given him another commercial property to bring to market.

Bob Heid, Owner, Mailtropolis

The business logistics of my company changed dramatically with some major changes at the Business Mail Center in Lake Mary. We knew we needed to relocate closer to the OIA postal center to save time and labor expense. Lee and I toured multiple locations with some very specific criteria including size, budget, electrical and HVAC warehouse space. Lee, as expected, came through with flying colors. The negotiations were seamless and details were handled to reach a successful new five year lease. Lee is my go to commercial real estate broker and I highly recommend his services.

Ron Ben-Zeev

I have known Lee for many years. Lee has always been a great adviser, displaying in depth subject knowledge and a willingness to go the extra mile to get the job done.
Lee brings integrity and a desire to do the right thing you often hear about, but which is not so common anymore. On several occasions, he has been an invaluable asset to my team and his input and advice has allowed me to make the right decisions time and time again. I wholeheartedly recommend Lee for any of your commercial real estate needs. You will not be disappointed.

Ian Robinson, CFO, Wealth Management Advisors

We engaged Lee to locate a strategic location for our firm that would accommodate the complexities of multiple businesses moving at the same time, easy and simple access for our current and future clients, and presented an investment opportunity for the owner. Lee’s diligence and guidance through the whole process enabled us to secure a phenomenal location with the infrastructure appropriate for our needs. His subject matter knowledge allowed us to avoid certain minefields that we would have clearly stepped on without his counsel. He adapted well to a changing environment which provided us support as we completed the process.